Thora has been a huge help in improving my general fitness – encouraging (but firm), cheerful (but determined!).  With the result that I enjoy the training sessions and find them challenging.  She has been enormously helpful in designing exercises that enabled me to get over a couple of running injuries.  And endlessly patient when I reorganise sessions because of last minute work commitments.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her.

David Aitman

Thora is technically minded and happy to explain how an exercise works and why it’s a good idea, which suits me.  Each session (and the programme for solo work in between sessions) is thought through in advance and carefully calibrated.  Thora is great, too, at adjusting the programme to prepare for seasonal sports or to aid recovery from injuries or lesser niggles.  If you want someone to yell in your face then probably not Thora; if you want someone who speaks with the quiet authority of really knowing her stuff, then I recommend her.

Colin Hargreaves

Thora is great at getting the most out of her clients, both in terms of her quietly persuasive encouragement for them to push themselves and also her tailoring of the sessions to focus on those areas that need the most attention (or those to avoid in case of injury etc.).  Her ability to customise exercises and drills to work a particular muscle group, while not exerting undue strain on injured or sore areas, is always impressive.  Overall, having been a client of Thora’s for a number of years, I cannot imagine a more thorough, engaging or personable personal trainer.  I would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Richard Thexton

I have been an endurance athlete for over 13 years moving from marathon to triathlon and recently focusing mostly on long-distance, mountainous cycling sportives over the last few years. For the last two years my main race has been the grueling Marmotte, a daunting 7.5 hour, 4 mountain, 173km,  5000m ascent race which finishes with an ascent of the legendary Alpe d’Huez. Thora has been my essential partner throughout these past three years in preparing me for my summer racing. Each year she has constructed a tailored strength program for me and taken me through a six month schedule in the build up to the racing season. As a result I have seen my times drop dramatically, posting a variety of PBs in cycling, running and triathlon as I head into my mid-forties.

I have found the programs that Thora put together varied and interesting and always geared towards my end goals and the varied demands of racing. Her enthusiasm and commitment to my goals is clear throughout. The attention to detail is fantastic and I leave each session knowing that I have worked as hard as I could have possibly done in the right areas but still able to complete a full week’s training. With a busy job as a managing director at Morgan Stanley and a young family, time is of the essence and my weekly sessions with her provide an enormous boost to my overall performance at relatively little cost.

Simon Holden